Welcome to our most frequently asked questions page!  Here we have listed the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  If you have a question which is not listed below, please feel free to contact us!


What wax are your candles made with?

We use natural soy wax. It is a completely natural vegetable wax made from a renewable resource. It contains no paraffin, no unnatural additives and is non toxic.

What is frosting?

Frosting is a natural characteristic of soy wax. It can look like a collection of snow flakes or white dots on the side of the candle. It is not a flaw and is unique to pure vegetable wax. Temperature changes can cause frosting as well i.e. moving from a cool courier van to a warm home or vice versa. Leaving a soy candle in a window or direct sunlight will also cause frosting. Most customers are concerned if they don't find any frosting on their candle. Frosting does not affect the scent throw or burning properties of your candle.

What is tunneling and how do I fix it

Tunneling is when the candle burns straight down the middle without burning the wax right to the edge of the candle.  The most common cause of tunneling is too short a burn time. When a candle is first lit it should burn for at least 2 hours so the melt pool reaches to the glass all the way around the top of the candle. Candles have a memory so if you do not create a melt pool that goes right to the edge the first time it will typically burn to the same point it burnt to the first time and then burn down causing a tunneling effect. To fix it, ensure the candle is not burning and scoop out the built up wax with a butter knife or spoon. The wax is non toxic and can be washed off the knife or spoon with hot water and soap. Then re-light the candle and allow it to burn right out to the edges before extinguishing  

How do I clean the glass jar once the candle has finished burning?

Once the candle has finished burning dig out any of the remaining wax, peel off the stickers and put them in the bin. Then rinse the jar under hot water, add dish washing liquid and give a scrub. The jar is now clean and the mind boggles with all the potential uses this jar now has!

How much is my ring worth?

If your ring is worth $100, $1000 or $5000 there will be a laminated note with your ring stating it's value and specifications. Any ring worth $10 comes without this laminated note.

What sizes are your rings and can I choose what size I want?

We hide the most common sizes of rings in our candles. Most often the rings are sizes 6-10. If the ring is too big or small you could give it to someone special like a niece or friend. If it is worth $100+ you can get it re-sized for a few dollars at your local jeweler.

At this stage we do not have an option to choose the ring size.

I can't find a ring in my candle

We hide a ring in every candle!  If you have burned your candle down to the point where the ring should be hidden and it is not there it must have come loose and will be hiding at the bottom of the candle. Continue enjoying your candle and it will reveal itself when you get to the bottom.

Our fragrances

To create our fragrances we use a mixture of essential oils and synthetic fragrances. These fragrance materials are safe, high quality ingredients that are also found in many perfumes, lotions, bath soaps and shampoos.  Unlike some inferior products, our fragrances contain no phthalates, paraffin or UV inhibitors. Any synthetic materials are highly purified and the essential base oils and naturally-derived ingredients are distilled or purified as well.

Our scents, both synthetic and essential oils, are non toxic!

How can Reveal Candles put a ring in every candle?

Reveal Candles is a very real company!  We buy our rings from the same places as your local jeweler does and buy bulk so we can afford to put a ring in every candle. Obviously there can't be a $1000 ring in every candle but there sure are gorgeous $1000 and $5000 rings out there so keep watching on Facebook and you will see the pictures coming up!