About Us

My Story

My birthday was fast approaching and the sweet anticipation of what I might receive was building. A friend and I had been spending more and more on gifts so I asked him to not spend too much this time. The evening of my birthday rolled around and there I sat before a pile of presents. I opened my gifts one by one, first the ones from my parents followed by my sister and brother in law... Finally I got to my friends present... With a wry grin he handed me a small box. I opened it to find a bar of Cadbury's Black Forrest chocolate and a bag of Fairy floss, my two favorite confectioneries. Well, he had definitely followed my request... maybe a little too well I thought!

We all settled back to watch a movie. About half way through, with my brain tempting every sense for a sugar hit, I reached over to my choices and decided on the fairy floss. I popped open the bag and shared it around. I pulled out a hand-full myself and suddenly something shiny caught my eye. To my dismay a sealed food bag containing an envelope was wedged in the middle of what had definitely been a commercially sealed bag of fairy floss. I tugged it out, tore open the bag and the envelope to find a ticket for a jet boat experience which I had wanted to do for ages!

We all wish we could, like Charlie and the chocolate factory, have found a golden ticket hidden in something and with that in mind now comes the Reveal Candles range of ring candles. We hand pour these high quality scented soy candles right here in New Zealand! Inside we hide a ring worth $10, $100, $1000 or $5000. All rings hidden inside will meet one of these four categories. We can't hide a $5000 ring in every candle but they most definitely are out there so keep watching out on Facebook as more and more rings are revealed and shown off!!!

Please feel free to check out our FAQ's page for further information.